All we need from you is the codes from our guide booklet and whatever photographs that you wish to include. 

Contact us to request our guide booklet which we can email to you immediately. This is a very clear guide to creating an order of service booklet.

We include the most popular readings, Gospels and reflections etc. We also provide a collection of suggested Hymns and other useful information.

Typically in a Catholic Service page 1 after the cover would have the celebrants name and the name of any musician's or soloist etc. Followed by the First reading, it is nice to name the person that is doing the reading. Your celebrant will be able to give you the readings and Responsorial Psalm etc. Second reading with the person named again which is followed by the Gospel and the Prayers of the faithful. We normally include the first name of each person that is doing the Prayers of the Faithful. We think it is nice to also name the people that are doing the Presentation of the Gifts. Any Hymns or Music can also be included throughout the booklet such as the Entrance Hymn, Offertory Hymn and Hymns during Holy Communion finishing with the Recessional Hymn.

Humanist Funerals focus on the person who has died, balancing the sadness of loss with a celebration of the person’s life. If possible, the celebrant will meet the family or friends who are organising the funeral, and together they will plan a meaningful ceremony. The celebrant will take the time to learn as much as possible about the person who has died, and the family will usually contribute readings or music. These contributions will often be reflective, capturing the essence of the person who has died. The celebrant will lead the ceremony, using appropriate words at the beginning and end, with dignity and warmth. All of this can be included in the booklet along with your most treasured photographs.